About Us

Million Pound Property

Million Pound Property lead when it comes to properties worth £1Million or more. Unlike other estate agencies who dabble in high end property. Million Pound Property specialise and focus purely on properties worth one million pounds or more.

A million pound purchase is no insignificant sum and the entire purchasing process deserves the care and attention to be somewhat more than the typical property buying experience. 

Likewise, if you currently own a property worth £1Million or more, you should expect and demand the services of experts. Professionals who know the million pound property market better than anyone else, and you can only achieve this, if you are immersed within high end listings on a daily basis as the team at Million Pound Property are.

At Million Pound Property, we deal with high-end individuals, lords, mayors, politicians, business owners, entrepreneurs, investors, high net worth families, celebrities and sports stars. 

Whether you are looking to buy or sell, the team at Million Pound Property will only be more than happy to work with you throughout the process to ensure an enjoyable, special, stress free experience is achieved.