Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you sell properties worth less than £1Million?

    Unfortunately not, we only list properties valued at £1Million or more. There are plenty of general estate agents to choose from

  • What is your agency fee?
    We charge 1.5% for each property transaction.

  • Is there any negotiation on your agency fee?
    Unfortunately not. We deliver a leading service and specialise only in £1 Million properties is our expertise

  • Do you handle lettings?
    We can let your property if it is worth £1Million or more in value

  • What is your letting fee?
    We charge a flat monthly letting fee of 10% per month.

  • Can you recommend a conveyancer?
    Yes we certainly can, please get in touch to discuss your options

  • Can you recommend a logistics firm?
    Absolutely, please get in contact and we will share who we use